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$350,000 verdict for a 44 year old female driver and her 14 year old niece after a rear-end, low impact collision.

$285,000 verdict for a shipping dock worker after he sustained a non-operable torn triceps tendon.

$300,000 settlement for deaf, young mother ho sustained a proximal humerous fracture of her shoulder and a tear of her rotation cuff shile a passenger involved in a motor vehicle collision in Queens, NY.

$125,000 verdict for a 78 year old retired postal worker who sustained rib fractures and a hemothorax as a result of a broadside motor vehicle collison.

$236,000 verdict for 13 year old girl who was attacked by a dog sustaining a 2 inch scar to er jawline.

$623,000 verdict for elderly husband and wife involved in a motor vehicle collision on Blackrock Turnpike in Fairfield, CT. Both sustained multiple traumatic injuries requiring extensive treatment and surgeries. $550,000 recovery made for client after he was involved in a motor vehicle collision on Rt. 8 in Derby, where he sustained disc herniations requiring surgery.

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